Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions you might have about using our service.

Why would I use this service?

To update visitors about important or useful information such as health/COVID-19 updates, holiday/shipping/stock notices and more much.

Is it easy to install & use?

You simply need to add a single line of HTML code to your site to get started. Then add a post to see the text appear live live on your site.

Is it really free?

YES! We know how important it is to update website visitors so we aim to keep the banner service entirely free for sites.

How do I customize the banner?

We offer settings for the banner colors & some display settings such as showing/hiding the body under the title and read more link on the edit site screen under banner settings & if you're good with CSS then you can modify the design further by overriding the styles for the classnames.

How long does it take to update?

The banners cache for up to 60 seconds currently.

How do I disable the banner?

Login and edit the site you want to disable it on, then under banner settings you'll find a tickbox to enable the banner, untick this to disable it and feel free to enable it again any time.

How do I sign up?

Click here to register for an account.

What is the timeline?

Each site comes with a timeline of past updates, this allows you to keep and display a record as updates happend or events unfold.

Why did you start this service?

We started this service to help site owners publish updates directly to their sites for all visitors. Find out more on our About page.

Where/how is your server hosted?

We are currently hosted in New York US, on a Digital Ocean cloud server.
Our site sits behind Cloudflare for added performance and caching benefits.

For GDPR compliance we have Data Processing Agreements in place with both providers.

The code for the banners on your sites are hosted on a static / cookieless subdomain for performance and privacy.