About why we built this service

In early 2020 the world has suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic and economies have been locked down by governments to slow down the infection rate. This meant businesses have either been forced to suspend or change their operations or initiate work-from-home for staff which has left offices empty. As a web software development company we started to receive requests to place messages on customer sites to advise of their COVID-19 policies and changes and this meant manually adding code on each site which was time-consuming and not easy to change for them.

At this point Our Site Updates was born. We realised lots of organisations would have the same issue of getting out much needed information. Knowing this was a highly unusual and stressful situation we wanted this to be a free service that helped people in their time of need.

Pretty much working around-the-clock for 72 hours, our development and product management team built the app and launched it on 30th March 2020. It has been architected with high scalability and low running costs in mind so we can continue to keep the banner service free even after the pandemic is over and we are back to normal times and general posts like good news stories, holiday periods, shipping, promotions etc.

Any questions?

Check out our FAQ or get in contact and we will reply as soon as possible.